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      1. UTC Re-Empower Program Graduate, Kelly Thompson, on Relaunching her Career

        UTC Re-Empower Program graduate, Kelly Thompson, shares the story of her transition back to the workforce following nine years of voluntary leave.

        Returning to work after taking a career break can be challenging. To help with this transition, UTC’s Re-Empower Program is designed specifically?to help experienced professionals bring their knowledge, experience and creativity back to the workforce after at least two years of voluntary leave.

        Kelly Thompson , 787 Program Manager, UTC Aerospace Systems, re-entered the workforce nine years after leaving to be a stay-at-home mom. Once her three children reached their teenage years, she decided she was ready to come back to work. She applied to jobs and reached out to organizations in her community to help her prepare her résumé, update her LinkedIn profile and brush up on her interview skills. Then she found the UTC Re-Empower Program.

        “It’s really amazing that the company is supportive of bringing different ideas and perspectives forward,” said Thompson. “It’s the idea of bringing your whole self to work; my whole self includes being a full-time mom for the past nine years. The skills that I gained while I was off doing other things are still valuable.”

        After 16 weeks of on-the-job experience to help Thompson develop personal and professional plans for success, she started her full-time job at UTC Aerospace Systems.

        “UTC’s commitment to the Re-Empower Program states that the company values what you did during your off years, they value you as a person to make decisions about what’s best for your family, what’s best for the company and what’s best for you.”


        About the Re-Empower Program

        The Winter Cohort will run from January 29, 2019 – May 17, 2019. The application deadline is December 21, 2018.

        Do you know any interested applicants? We are currently recruiting for a variety of positions including structures engineering, design engineering, and customer support engineering. Additional positions will be posted over time.

        For more information about the program, click here.

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