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        UTC Releases 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

        Corporate responsibility covers a broad range of ideas and actions, but it is fundamentally about how a company takes ownership of its role in society—how it seeks to safeguard its employees, enrich its communities and sustain the planet. That may sound simplistic, but in a rapidly urbanizing, technology-driven, resource-constrained world, it is anything but.

        We know the challenges that lie ahead for communities globally are not insignificant, but as you’ll read in our Corporate Responsibility Report, tackling big, societal problems is core to our DNA. Across the United Technologies’ businesses of Carrier, Otis, Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace Systems, we have learned some simple truths. When you create a workplace environment that respects ethical practices, encourages diversity of thought, supports continuous learning and promotes disruptive innovation, then positive, social impact is not only achievable, it is inevitable. 

        To read the full Corporate Responsibility Report, please click here.

        This report provides a lens into the principles behind United Technologies Corporation’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices—and the progress we have made toward achieving our goals. Where possible, we use storytelling and case studies to give voice to the impact our efforts are having on employees, customers, partners, communities and the environment. We engaged with many stakeholders in the preparation of this report, and our results are presented in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework—the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework.

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