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      1. Environmental, Social & Governance Investors

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        At UTC, sustainability means profitable, responsible operations that minimize their environmental impact while promoting the economic health of future generations and the wellbeing of our employees. Within our own operations, over the past 20 years we have tripled our revenues while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 33 percent and water consumption by 62 percent. Corporate governance provides the framework for building a culture of integrity and ethical behavior everywhere we do business. Our Board of Directors and policies guide our actions and govern the relationships among employees and with our customers and communities. Social responsibility reflects the expectations we impose on our suppliers, the investments in our people, our commitment to the communities where we do business, and the fostering of an inclusive and diverse workplace.

        This page includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) information and disclosures that support our approach to sustainability.

        Financials and Filings

        2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

        Ethics and Compliance

        Data Privacy


        Responsibility in Our Supply Chain

        Conflict Minerals

        Diversity and Inclusion

        Workforce Development

        Social Impact

        CDP Reports

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